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Image: Areola Grande performing at SouthFest Community Festival, 2019. Photo: Martin Ollman.

Tuggeranong Arts Centre’s creative theme for 2021, Collective Fortitude – adopts a hopeful tone, as people across the globe re-examine what is necessary to remain connected and strong in the face of the vast uncertainties of our future.

Collective Fortitude calls on our creative abilities, to explore a new level of adaptability together.

While we value individualism as the core narrative in our society, we must explore how we can understand and embrace the diversity we share, collectively as a community.

The creative program in 2021 aims to highlight the important role art plays in building resilient communities and further developing a nation’s cultural identity – an identity that is non-discriminatory and aware of the failures of the past. Through the arts, we can stimulate debate and inspire action.

Artists are natural innovators who can provide insight and help us consider solutions to the challenges confronting us. TAC’s programming in 2021 will explore how we, as a community in collaboration with our artists, can take on the challenge to build collective fortitude.