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Roger Jillard

Messengers Program Manager

Roger coordinates the implementation of the Messengers program and supervises staff who provide the art classes and support. He works closely with the program’s social worker who supports vulnerable young people in the program and the professional artists who act as tutors, to deliver the sessions within the program aims and guidelines. Roger is responsible for collating data, notes and outcome reports to assist in measuring the effectiveness of program and in identifying gaps which may need to be filled. He also works with to actively develop relationships with other organisations and program providers who support vulnerable young people.

Kelsey Van Der Tuin

Youth Support Worker

Kelsey has been with the Tuggeranong Arts Centre for five years and as youth support worker for the Messengers Program she is responsible for engaging and supporting young people through the program. Kelsey holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a major in Counselling from the University of Canberra. Recently she completed her fourth-year psychology thesis at the University of New England in which she investigated emotional intelligence and formal help-seeking for anxiety disorders.  In Messengers, Kelsey works creatively to engage young people back into their communities, build support networks, address challenges, and encourage young people to reach their goals. Kelsey is passionate about working with and empowering young people who experience mental health issues to reach their goals and she appreciates the powerful positive impacts that the arts have on personal wellbeing and mental health recovery. 

Sui Jackson


Sui Jackson is a mixed-media visual artist who is driven by a desire to express the natural world in a mass-produced environment, often using found or recycled materials and industrial processes to create pieces in glass, paper, print, cast metal and ceramic. He holds a Bachelor of Visual Art (Glass) from the Australian National University and has exhibited his work in Australia, Shanghai and Singapore. He has many years’ experience teaching visual arts to people of all ages.

Bryce Scowcroft

Bryce Scowcroft


Bryce was a participant of the Messengers program for two years as a teenager and has been further developing himself as an arts assistant in the program. Bryce is an emerging artist specialising in printmaking, painting, drawing and mixed media street art.  In 2018, he was the recipient of the Rotary Youth Art Award. As part of Tuggeranong Arts Centre, STILE Mentorship Program he developed and facilitated two successful street art workshops with young people in Woden.

Blaide Lallemand, Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Blaide Lallemand


Blaide is curious about the how and why of life and makes art in all mediums to explore and express those concepts. As a child, she experienced great displacement and was exposed to a wide range of living situations, which led her to make art about relationships and self-identity. Through her artwork, she explores the world, external systems of community and culture and observes the ever-changing roles that people play in various constructed spaces and environments. Blaide has made works in all mediums from photography, video, performance, painting and immersive interactive installations and painting.  



Lily graduated from ANU with a bachelor of Visual Art in 2017 and completed her honours at RMIT in Melbourne in 2019. Her work centers around the process of thinking through painting. She reflects on the world around her and experiments with the application of paint and use of colour, pushing the different ways to best express herself on the canvas. Her work seeks to understand the process of painting and allows for imagination and experimentation to take over. Lily has worked at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre on and off for a number of years in the front of house and events team. She has always enjoyed teaching and sharing her interest in art and making with others.