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The Age of the Pinedemic – The Musical

An original musical created by Tuggeranong Arts Centre and Mr. Tim Enterprises

Show Details:

7.00pm, Friday 18 November, TAC Theatre

5.00pm, Saturday 19 November, TAC Theatre

Tickets on sale now

Adults: $25
Children: $18
Concession: $15
Families (2 adults 2 children): $75

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The Age of the Pinedemic – the Musical. Thomas Hanlon, Bucky Flynn,Hayes Archer, Olive Ray Hoy (from left to right), 2022

Show Synopsis:

See young imaginations at their best when The Age of the Pinedemic – the Musical debuts at Tuggeranong Arts Centre on November 18 and 19.

From secret deals and power battles to eternal life and pineapples! What could possibly go wrong in a new society made up of children and born out of a secret deal made with an online troll? Gloriously imaginative, you won’t see anything else like The Age of the Pinedemic – the Musical in any other Canberra theatre. The whacky characters and zany storyline, completely conceived by children, illustrate originality and fresh theatre at its best. And the original songs are beyond belief, with lyrical ideas from the children and songs and music created by Canberra’s own Tim and Nathalie Bevitt.

Describing their experience working with 14 children aged 7-13 years to co-create a musical, Tim and Nathalie said it was an absolute privilege to witness these young people stepping into their own power and opening-up to the creativity that is available to us all.

“There are wisdoms that come from children of this age. We all need to listen to each other to make a world where everyone feels valued for who they are and what they can bring. Theatre making that allows the voices of children to truly be heard is rare. The program and production is so unique and special because the kids choose what they want to say and how it is said.

“The Walking in Isolation by exhibition at TAC in February 2022, was the spark for the musical’s storyline. Then, after many conversations about these past few years, a plot was developed, and the characters started emerging. From there we developed a song with the children and a story starting emerging. Then came the task of pulling all the ideas into one cohesive whole,” Nath and Tim said.

The Age of the Pinedemic – the Musical is set in a futuristic newly formed society. In a bid to save their crumbling society after the mayhem caused by the pineapple virus, a few children make a secret deal with an online troll and a new society is born. Under the deal, the “Chosen Ones” are gifted with eternal life and become the leaders of this brave new world – made up entirely of children following the disappearance of all grown-ups! But they’re having trouble holding to their assigned tasks and starting to have memories of a past that can’t remember. An investigation reveals a horrifying truth and a final confrontation with the troll must take place. But first they must all band together as a team to make their way through the challenges of the troll’s lair. Can they pass these tests? How will they overcome such adversity? And is “Pineapple” really a naughty word?

The Age of the Pinedemic – the Musical is an original musical devised by participants of TAC’s Children’s Musical Program together with Tim & Nathalie Bevitt. It is the fourth musical created in collaboration with Tim & Nath and follows the success of Just like Clockwork in 2018, Mission: H2O in 2019/20 and House Planet – the Musical in 2021. It was created with support from Dan Streatfield, Rebecca Drew, Tom Buckland, Chelsea Heaney, Noah Gorrell, Tobias Cole and Michael Knight over three holiday intensives and on-going weekly sessions. It features 8 original songs, with lyrics by the cast and music written and recorded by Tim and Nath in their home studio.

The Cast

Tim and Nathalie Bevitt Bio

Tim and Nathalie Bevitt have been working together in their performing arts business ‘Mr Tim Enterprises’ since 2011. They have been involved heavily in the Canberra community during this time with festivals, workshops and events run throughout the city. 

Their popular school workshop “Extravaganza Program” gets students ready for performances in only 4 days for mind blowing school concerts and they have written numerous school songs and compositions for a whole wide range of events.

They created the ‘Mr Tim Family Choir’ for adults and kids to sing along together in 2013 which is still running today as well as their adult choir ‘Unexpected Harmony’.

They have created the musical program in conjunction with the TAC over the last six year and produced four professional children’s musicals as well as several mini musicals.

Tim runs a children’s rock band called Mr Tim & The Fuzzy Elbows which have recorded several albums over the years. 

In 2019 Tim was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to investigate ‘Intergenerational play for creating cohesive communities’ and both he and Nathalie will be traveling overseas in 2023 to complete it.

They are both passionate artists and educators with a vision for people to play together to unleash their limitless creativity.

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