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WHEN: Saturdays 10am – 12pm

TERM 1: 17 February – 23 March, 2024
TERM 2: 18 May – 22 June

WHERE: Woden Library

COST: $40 for a drop-in class or $220 for the 6 week block

BOOKINGS: Click here to book here


Art Play workshops encourage people to explore working in a range of mediums, utilizing charcoal, watercolour paints and crayons, collage, pen and ink, gouache, acrylic paint and clay. These classes are ideal for the curious adult (with little experience) who has an impulse and desire to trust their creative self.

Blaide will take you on a playful journey of discovery whilst introducing you to a range of contemporary artists to be inspired by. Each fortnight we will explore different genres, including abstract landscapes, mythical animals and figurative iconography.

Week 1 & 2
We delve into the world of abstract landscapes looking at the works of two Australian artists Elizabeth Cummings and Tony Mighell. Both artists have a varied approach that makes for a dynamic pairing. Be inspired by the linear approach of Tony or the saturation of colour and blocky layering of Elizabeth.

Week 3-4
Abel Macias and Kiki Smith create fascinating mythical words where stylized animals play a central part. In this fortnight, we will create our own symbolic wonderlands where the power of our animal spirit shines.

Week 5
We continue our fascination with Kiki Smith- but this time we see how she integrates animals with people to tell intriguing stories.

Week 6.
Let’s move dimensions- and feel our way into creating a portrait. Using clay for its plasticity, and ability to hold form- we will enjoy the process of exploring volume, depth, and planes. Modelling in clay will create an embodied way of understanding space, form and depth. This will be a valuable experience to enhance your drawing and painting practice. 

About the Artist

Blaide Lallemand, Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Blaide Lallemand takes an interdisciplinary approach to making works of art, fusing her interest in sculptural practices with a range of ephemeral practices including performance, new media and site-specific installation. Blaide is interested in immersing the audience into the artwork, enabling them to have a visceral experience and choice to actively participate with the realization and evolution of the artwork. 

Blaide studied acting at the University of Western Sydney before graduating from the ANU School of Art with first class Honours in 2003. She is interested in exploring cycles in nature, rhythms of the body and aspects of intimate social and physical relationships between people and their complex means of communication.  

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