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After the success of Just like Clockwork in 2018, Mission: H2O in 2020 and House Planet the Musical in 2021, Tuggeranong Arts Centre and Tim & Nathalie Bevitt are delighted to present the 2022 performance outcome by participants of TAC’s Children’s Musical program.

This unique opportunity for children aged 7-12 years has participants writing, producing and performing their very own musical! From April-October, over three extensive holiday workshops and on-going weekly sessions, the program has introduced 14 local children to the many aspects of musical theatre making.

Together they have embraced their creativity and imagination to produce a musical performance season in the Tuggeranong Theatre on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November.

Show Synopsis:

Society is in disarray. All the grown-ups are affected by a pineapple virus, which is turning their heads into pineapples and making them incompetent. Everyone is in lockdown being very scared of catching the virus. Children are all at their wits end in frustration and all wish to get out of this.

A few children make a deal with an online troll to get rid of the virus. The deal means all grown-ups will be “sent away” and the children will take charge over their own lives and will create an ideal society.

However, only the children who made the deal (the Key Peepers) will get eternal life and stay locked in their current body forever. They will become the leaders and designers of their new society and hold the memories of it all.

All the other children are only going to live to 18 years and will be divided into two different groups – the Thrillers or the Chillers. At 18, they’ll be “sent away” to be recycled, their youth and memory sucked out of them, returning as babies with no memories – to start the cycle again.

Show details:

7.00pm on Friday 25 November, TAC Theatre

5.00pm Saturday 26 November, TAC Theatre

Ticket go on sale in November.

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