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WHEN: Thursday 2 November, 2023

TIMES: Bar open from 5 pm. Concert 6 – 7 pm

TICKETS: $20 child / $25 student / $35 full

BOOKINGS: Please click here to book.


Ben Hoadley Bassoon

Alan Vivian Clarinet

Edward Neeman Piano

Enjoy the sounds of the CSO performing a beautiful night of music including Beethoven Trio in B-flat major for clarinet, bassoon and piano, an original composition by CSO Principal Bassoon Ben Hoadley – Four Preludes (for clarinet , bassoon and piano) and a solo work from Edward Neeman.

  • Beethoven Trio in B-flat major for clarinet, bassoon and piano
  • Ben Hoadley – Four Preludes for clarinet , bassoon and piano
  • JS Bach (arr. Ignaz Friedman) – “Wachet auf, ruf uns die Stimme”, BWV 140 ;  Piano Edward Neeman
  • Miriam Hyde – Rhapsody No. 1 ; Piano Edward Neeman

Trio images: Edward Neeman, Alan Vivian, Ben Hoadley (by Milena Parobczy)

This series has been made possible through an ongoing collaboration with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Previous concerts in the series:


WHEN: Thursday 31 August, 2023

TIMES: Bar open from 5 pm. Concert 6 – 7 pm

TICKETS: $20 child / $25 student / $35 full

BOOKINGS: Please click here to book.


Kirsten Williams Violin, Pip Thompson Violin, Lucy Carrigy-Ryan Viola, Samuel Payne Cello, Kyle Ramsay-Daniel Double bass.

The CSO Chamber Ensemble envelops Tuggeranong Arts Centre in beautiful night music from two beloved Romantic composers. The atmosphere is set with the B major Nocturne from Dvořák’s opus 40, an unhurried, meditative work in a single movement. This piece is infused with a deep sense of calm and serenity, even as it ebbs and flows. Then, the Ensemble presents Borodin’s beloved Second String Quartet, composed in D major for his wife, Ekaterina Protopova. This charming, elegant work builds to the iconic Notturno third movement, soaring with deeply felt lyricism.

Twilight images: Kirsten Williams (by Martin Ollman), Pip Thompson (by Martin Ollman), Samuel Payne (by Amanda Thorson)


Kirsten Williams Violin, Patrick Suthers Cello, Edward Neeman Piano,

Handel / Halvorsen Passacaglia for Violin and Cello & Dvořák Piano Trio No. 2 in G minor, op. 26

WHEN: Thursday 25 May, 2023. Bar open from 5pm, concert from 6pm – 7pm.

TICKETS: $20 child / $25 student / $30 concession / $35 full

BOOKINGS: Please click here to book.

Night & Day images: Kirsten Williams (by Martin Ollman), Patrick Suthers (by Martin Ollman), Edward Neeman


The CSO Chamber Ensemble returns to Tuggeranong Arts Centre with an uplifting program for violin, cello and piano. The concert opens with a well-loved Passacaglia, attributed to both Handel and Halvorsen. The term passacaglia originally described an energetic Spanish street dance; this virtuosic work for violin and cello moves through a number of inventive variations on the core theme. 

Pianist Edward Neeman then joins Kirsten Williams and Patrick Suthers for Dvorak’s stirring Second Piano Trio. Arising from a painful season in the composer’s life, this powerful piece of music plumbs great emotional depths. It’s also a work of striking contrasts, opening with a bold Allegro before moving through a sombre largo movement and back to a dancing scherzo. The fourth and final movement is elegantly crafted, exultant and ultimately uplifting.

A Twilight Soiree with Kirsten Williams and Edward Neeman

WHEN: Thursday 9 March, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

WHERE: Theatre, Tuggeranong Arts Centre

TICKTS: $35 Standard, $30 concession and $25 Student

BOOKINGS: Please click here to book

CSO Goes South: A Twilight Soiree with Kirsten Williams and Edward Neeman offers a French inspired program featuring: Debussy Sonata in G minor for Violin and Piano, Fauré Violin Sonata No. 1 in A major, op. 13. and Amy Beach Ballade, op. 6.

‘There is no theory,’ Debussy famously declared. ‘Pleasure is the law!’

While Debussy strenuously rejected the association, some have drawn parallels between his music and the French Impressionist painters. The Impressionists were more concerned with the essence of a thing than its substance; this program explores that shimmering, transparent quality that we often associate with nostalgia and fond remembering.

From the opening bars, Debussy’s virtuosic G minor violin sonata reveals its depth of character. Dancing between light and shadow, this melancholic work is punctuated by bursts of sunny optimism and exuberance.

One of the leading keyboardists of his time, Gabriel Fauré premiered his First Violin Sonata with violinist Paul Viardot, to whom it was dedicated – this perhaps explains the unusually demanding and virtuosic piano part. Vibrant, charming and lively, this gloriously lush work of Romantic French music showcases the composer’s distinct and original voice.

The program also includes the work of American composer and pianist Amy Beach. The solo piano work Ballade Op.6 (1894) was written as an elaboration of a song she had previously composed, My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose.  It is characterised with passionate and powerful harmonies which bring vibrant colour to her unique melodic expression.

Additional concerts in the series include: CSO Goes South: Piano Trio featuring Kirsten Williams (Violin), Patrick Suthers (Cello) and Edward Neeman (Piano) on Thursday 25 May (book here), and CSO Goes South: A String Quartet with Kirsten Williams (Violin), Doreen Cumming (Violin), Tor Fromyhr (Viola) and Sam Payne (Cello) on Thursday August 31, 2023 (book here). More information will be available soon.

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