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Lily Platts Studio shot , 2022

The Make Art at TAC program offers term-based and casual art classes run by professional artists.

Deep Dive into Painting with Lily Platts

  • 6 week painting intensive
  • 6:30-8:30pm on Wednesdays (22 February – 29 March)
  • $210 per term

Click here to book for the Deep Dive into Painting class with Lily Platts

Due to the success of the Intro to Painting class, artist Lily Platts is adding another class! This class is an extension on the intro class. It is also aimed at people who have artistic knowledge in other areas or who have been painting for a while and would like a space to expand on their knowledge with likeminded people.

Deep Dive into Painting will explore themes of self-expression through paint. Students will take on a 6 weeklong project that will be expanded on throughout the term. There will be opportunities for feedback by your tutor and also by your peers and aims to build confidence in creative self-expression in a fun and welcoming environment.

All materials are included!

The class will cover:

  1. Why do we want to paint? Exploring our own motives to making.
  2. Exploring composition and form
  3. Experimenting and taking risks with paint
  4. Playing with the materiality of paint
  5. Telling a story through paint
  6. Final presentation and feedback on your work

About Lily

Lily Platts

Lily Platts is an artist based in Canberra. Since a child growing up on the Monaro in southern NSW, Lily has always had a fascination with the world around her. Lily experiments with the application of paint and use of colour, pushing the different ways to best express herself on the canvas. Her work uses recognisable imagery such as a chair to tell a story and give a sense of the people existing in the world Lily imagines.  Lily will teach the Making Time arts class for seniors.

Lily has been teaching art classes for the last 8 years and loves sharing her passion for art. For the last two years Lily has been working at TAC as a Messenger tutor and has given her expertise in developing the new art classes that are running at the Arts Centre. Lily is teaching the seniors art class and the introduction to painting class.

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