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OFFICIAL OPENING: 6 PM, Friday 18 August, 2023

EXHIBITION SHOWING: Friday 18 August – Saturday 21 October, 2023

ARTISITS TALK: Saturday 9 September 1:30 PM

DIRT BAGS SHOW: Saturday 9 September 2 PM

BOOKINGS: Please click here to book for the artists talk and Dirt Bag show

Exhibition Statement:

Dust Collectors is group show; three artists working in sculpture, painting and print. Ceramicist Shaun Hayes, painter Ellie Kaufmann and printmaker Adam Bell share an interest in trash, obsolescence and nostalgia through objects and situations reflecting a decaying, fading modernity. The artists live and work in and around the Capital Region: Shaun and Ellie in Captains Flat, Adam Bell in Belconnen. Shaun Hayes is represented by Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney. Click here to read the full exhibition catalogue.


Shaun Hayes, Ancient Technology, 2023. Midfire clay and glaze. Photo Bryna Bamberry_$660 (1)

Shaun works through methods of repetition, rearranging and joining of cast objects paired with a tonal colour palette. Hayes’s sculptures are reminiscent of fantastical and comical imagery whilst also highlighting the tensions of growing up in a wasteful, thoughtless consumerist society. Drawing on the aesthetics of traditional Chinese ceramics combined with contemporary objects, his adorned vessels echo a blending of past and present, old and new as well as illustrating the material similarities between plastic and ceramics.


Ellie Kaufmann, Workers Club.

Ellie Kaufmann’s paintings deal with a reflection of everyday mundane life exploring the theme of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ These works characterise and celebrate a stockpiled suburbia, maximalist interiors, out-dated exteriors, meaningless collections, fantastic trash or even objects that are no longer useful but kept for aesthetic decor or to spark some sentimental joy.


Adam Bell, Normal Bias, Lino Cut Print, 2022

Adam Bell’s work emerges from his preoccupation with the graphic and sonic form of the compact cassette, and the crucial role they have played in catalysing social change and enabling the spread of music cultures. In Dust Collectors he presents VHS fresh prints.


To celebrate Dust Collectors, join the artists and their friends for an afternoon of rockin’ good tunes by DIRT BAG, the Lonely One from Captains Flat. The Lodge, Saturday 9 September from 2pm. Free, all welcome. Children under 18 to be accompanied by an adult.

Dirtbag, the Lonely One, is a one-man rock-n-roll band from Captains Flat. The Dust Collectors have dusted him off for a rare local show after his recent appearances in Sydney and Melbourne with thee Cha Cha Chas and legendary wild man Nestter Donuts from Barcelona. Dirtbag is a mysterious figure, tutored by Chad Morgan and Dee Dee Ramone, he delivers fuzzed out bubblegum garage rockin’ tunes guaranteed to make you shake your money maker and blow your top! Dirtbag endorses Supro guitars and Savage amplification.

Check them out on Facebook and don’t forget to register your attendance.

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