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Image credit: Secure Escape, Spinifex by Emma Crocker (2021) (Left), Double-sided by Elspeth Rowell (2020) (Right)


Opening 3pm, Saturday 5 February 2022, Gallery 2


This exhibition presents new individual and ensemble ceramic works that interweave themes of security and insecurity using craft-based practice as a framework for therapeutic dialogue. The pandemic, alongside climate change, has become an emblematic reminder for us that our future will look nothing like our parents’. This exhibition is a love letter to the security and comfort we found in our home during the past year of lockdowns, and a manifestation of fear for our uncertain futures. 

This past year has left us feeling both more secure and insecure than ever. We were told that moving out of home to live in a share-house in our early twenties would be the most fun and freeing time of our lives. Instead, when we left our family homes in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to forge a new path. We did not experience the same brand of unbridled liberation we felt that buying our own groceries and throwing house parties would bring. Nonetheless, spending over two months in lockdown ultimately brought our household closer together. Often in the evening, the two of us slunk down to the garage to craft our escape out of clay.

Exhibition continues until 2 April, 2022.


interview with Emma Crocker and Elspeth Rowell


interview with Christina Lowry, and Emma Crocker and Elspeth Rowell


?Secure Escape – @puffypottery

Elspeth and Emma are two Canberra based young artists. They started collaborating under the name ‘Puffy Pottery’ in their dusty garage at the end of 2020, and have spent the past year working to develop their individual yet complementary styles. Since then, the pair have sold their ceramics at local markets, Spiral Botanicals, and nationwide via their Instagram page.

Whilst Elspeth is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the ANU, specialising in ceramics and printmaking, the two are largely self-taught. Emma studies Public Policy and International Relations at the ANU and was introduced to ceramics when, one day, Elspeth brought home a 10kg bag of clay. Ceramics has taken up a much larger role than expected in Emma and Elspeth’s lives, as both have found it to be an invaluable medium for self-expression. Their approaches to ceramics center around maximalism and bright colours, which they execute through an amalgamation of surface design techniques on diverse clay bodies. Recently they’ve found inspiration in the ant nests on nearby O’Connor ridge and the cunjevoi that live among the rock pools of the South Coast. Together, Emma and Elspeth hope to continue learning from each other and the local art community.


Secure Escape, Spinifex by Emma Crocker (2021) (Left), Double-sided by Elspeth Rowell (2020) (Right)

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