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Image provided by the artist


Join us the the exhibition opening event on Saturday 9th of April:

  • 2:00pm – Ventre-from the gut artists talk and space activation
  • 3:00pm – Drinks and light refreshments
  • 3:30pm – Performance by Natalie Quan Tay Tso (artist behind I Have Arrived at Yellow)

Exhibition continues in Gallery 2 until 21 May, 2022.


A series of live performances and events where things will grow and change. Join the artists from the start, while the show is being installed.

The word ventre has associations with womb, gut and the bowels of the earth. LUCAs daughters invite you in. Each visit, each visitor lends their eyes, ears and actions to the space.  

Over the course of the exhibition there will be a series of live performances and events – things will grow and change. Join the artists from the start, while the show is being installed. Make an offering, collaborate, co-exist.  

Come back as many times as you like to contribute, play, observe and experience the gallery space as kind of organism, changing, living, breathing. 

Art exhibitions are not usually open to audiences until the works are installed and everything is in place. LUCAs daughters flip this convention by inviting audience members to enter the gallery during the installation period as a generative space for co-creation and collaboration, embracing the sacred and the mundane – a place to play and to contemplate – a space that does not isolate these elements of life, but celebrates complexity and interconnectedness carrying the detritus and leftovers of ritual. 

How can we embrace non-hierarchical structures to co-create with our audiences?  
Can we resist static choices to move towards an evolving, risky and nourishing creativity? Does this reflect on the dynamics of structures within our society? 

We are inviting the audience to become collaborators and creators. Challenging authorship and releasing the narrative of ‘artist’.  

Artist Biography:

LUCA was the ancestor of all living things; the Last Universal Common Ancestor. LUCA’s daughters Ellis Hutch and Slipper George work across performance, installation and visual arts. They value collaboration, experimentation, and play. Working with the tensions of being in relation; the push and pull of living organisms collaborating, competing, risking, dreaming, worlding and wording; they have questions about risk and risk-taking. Indulging in hissy fits, unruliness, and disaster prepping; they investigate the cages we choose, the costs of living, the generosity of causing trouble and the power of disobedience and nonsense.

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