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Photo:  Lyons bus shelter mural

Lyons bus shelter mural

Woden Arts was invited to be part of a Lyons community arts project where local residents painted a mural on one of Canberra’s iconic bus stops.

At the beginning of 2022 a group of Lyons residents worked with Woden Community Service and artist Mimi Fairall to create a mural at the local shops. During this process, the residents expressed interest in having the bus stop on Launceston street painted as well. With the support of the Woden Arts Program this idea has been realised.

Mimi is a multi-disciplinary artist who primarily works from Sydney, Canberra and along the South Coast of NSW, Australia. Vibrant and playful, Mimi’s compositions are made up of organic shapes, gestural marks and fields of competing colour. Her cheerful, childlike works are testaments to her ongoing experimentations with materials and surface texture.

Mimi created the design and invited community members to come and have a go at painting. Numerous families and Lyons residents came to help, ranging from 4 years old and up!

Painting began on the 27th  and finished on the 29th November. It was wonderful to see so many families contribute. The Lyons community are excited to see more colour and are keen to grow future creative projects in their neighbourhood.

Photos: Artist Mimi Fairall and community helpers painting the Lyons Bus Stop.

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