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WHEN:  2-3:00pm, Saturday 11 March

WHERE: The Lodge, Tuggeranong Arts Centre

TICKTS:  Free, all welcome

REGISTRATIONS: Please click here to book

Nowruz has been recognised by the United Nations as a cultural tradition that helps to strengthen the ties among peoples based on mutual respect and the ideals of peace and good neighbourliness. It has been practiced for over 3,000 years in the Balkans, the Black Sea Basin, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East and other regions. 

I am proposing to hold an event on 20th  March 2023, the first day of the Persian new year, to provide an opportunity for the Canberra community to recognise and celebrate Nowruz; learn more about each other and our cultures; and build stronger connections across our communities here in Canberra. 

The event will run for 1 and half hours in the evening and will involve a range of activities that reflect traditional celebrations of Nowruz. It will include: 

  • Parastoo Seif giving a dramatic storytelling performance,  
  • Poetry reading from poets from Persian heritage 
  • Dancing on stage wearing traditional costumes 
  • Live music from our tradition 

Decorations, including special tables, that reflect the Nowruz traditions. 

Nowruz is one of the oldest and biggest festivals that has been celebrated in the East. This festival has been practiced for over 3000 years in different countries such as Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and other neighbouring countries. This celebration makes it a new innovation for all the people who belong to these countries. And it will bring unity to the community and encourage people from different cultures to connect with each other.   

This festival has a great cultural role. For example, in Turkey, the number of tourists increases at the beginning of Nowruz. In Iran, this is called a national holiday, which is a 13-day public holiday. And the beginning of the new year, which is very important for people, should be prepared a month or two weeks before. This traditional celebration is very valuable for all these countries, especially Iran, which has different programs. For example, cooking different foods such as setting the table for 7 dishes, 7 fruits, cooking delicious and different foods such as: fish, vegetables and white rice, cooking soup with beans, cooking Nowruz cookies and different types of sweets.  

In addition, this celebration can make all these people come together and celebrate Nowruz. They can still feel the feeling of loneliness that has a bad effect on their soul and spirit. get out too This festival has cultural roots that make people feel happy and joyful. 

Nowruz programs that are held during 13 days are:  

1- Cleaning deeply whole house,  

2- Wearing new clothes and walking on the greens, 

3- visiting family, friends and relatives, 

4-cooking special food for Nowruz,  

5- Dancing  

6- Stay awake at night and telling stories from our culture,  

7- First day of Nowruz going for picnic 

8- First Wednesday called ( Char Shanba Souri)  

On this day all people, especially youths, go out and organise fireworks, dance and the fire and jump from the fire.  

9- The last important day of the Nowruz festival is called ( sizda ba dar) , which means getaway on the 13th of Nowruz.  

Nowruz celebration brings many freedoms and joys for children such as: 

• wearing new clothes, 

• eating delicious food  

• Visiting their grandparents and other relatives, 

• going to picnics 

• visiting parks and other beautiful places,  

• finding new friends,  

• relatives and the people are getting closer to each other.  

Nowruz can play a very good role for children, most of these children are deprived of the love of grandmother and grandfather. In this program, a part of it is reading old stories and grandmother’s stories, which is good for both children and adults. 

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