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Josephine Townsend, Among the Trees (2023) Ceramics.


OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 2 February, 6pm

EXHIBITION SHOWING: 2 February – 28 March

MAKING SIMPLE BOTANIAL DISHES: Saturday 24 February, 10.30am – 1pm

BOOKINGS: Click here to book for Making Simple Botanical Dishes

Exhibition Statement

This ceramic exhibition celebrates the beauty and diversity of the trees that define our landscape. Drawing on the concept of forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) the focus is on the key elements of trees – the textures of bark, the structure of tree trunks, the patterns of light, leaves and branches. The viewer is invited to pause, focus on details, and take the time to see both the forest and the trees.

Works in the exhibition include delicate coloured porcelain vessels that evoke the light and colours of the NSW South Coast spotted gum forests. Sculptural tree forms that evoke the finely textured twisting growth of native eucalypts, the more symmetrical form of European trees and the deeply creviced texture of pine bark. Vessels and platters, decorated with overlapping shapes of leaves and branches create imagery of the parks and bushland that are a signature of Canberra vistas. The use of simple shapes, bold colour and line evokes thoughts of balloons and the simple joys of children running and playing in the park. 

Making Simple Botanical Dishes Public Program

“Making Simple Botanical Ceramic dishes”, an introductory floor talk and 2 hour ceramic making project. Suitable for complete beginners or those with some experience; adults and young people 13 years+.

Following an artists floor talk and taking inspiration from works in her show, participants will work with Jo to make their own ceramic pieces. Participants will make and decorate 2 small slab plates, using coloured slips, leaves and flowers. The plates will be glazed and fired, and returned to the Arts Centre for collection.

Finished pieces can be collected from TAC after Tuesday 19 March.

Click here to book for Making Simple Botanical Dishes

Josephine Townsend, Parkland (2023) Ceramics.

About The Artist

Jo Townsend Has been a self-employed ceramic artist since 2014. Following a career in teaching (high school & college art and english) and the Australian Public Service she has been building a retail body of work and refining her skills. She has been working with clay for around 25 years and is now focusing on developing the fine art and design side of her practice; she teach ceramics to adults at Canberra Potters as well as in her own studio.

Jo’s ceramics practice has two interconnected arms; a busy retail practice, making a range of products including jewellery, tableware, sculptures, light fittings, bathroom fittings and tiles and regular exhibitions enabling her to explore ideas, forms and surfaces in greater detail. The skills, forms and surfaces that she is known for her retail work inform the work she develop for exhibitions. Likewise, the opportunity to develop more complex ideas in her exhibition works flows into the pieces she make for her retail outlets.  

The interaction of form and function is key to her work. Jo make things that are fit for purpose as well as beautiful to the eye and the touch. Her design process incorporates consideration of how the items will be used, cleaned and maintained. Jo also ensure that her work, such as light fittings, sinks and tiles can be installed using stand sized fittings and equipment. Jo’s work is inspired by the colours, shapes and patterns of the Australian landscapes and built environments.


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