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Vinitas 2, Charcoal, John Pratt

WHAT: Still Life workshop with John Pratt

WHEN: Saturday 2 December, 10:30am – 3pm

COST: $150 (includes materials)

Register: Click here to book


As a genre ‘Still Life’ has a rich and diverse history ranging from a quiet and contemplative visual meditation to a rigorous and expressive response registering a range of ideas and psychological states. This session will touch on this diversity and explore a range of approaches looking in particular at mark making, composition, layering, and scale as well as aspects of still life which register emotive space and ambient presence. As subject matter we will be responding to a range of natural and constructed objects as well as the fluidity of drapery.

The session is appropriate for all ages and levels of experience.

There will be a lunch break, participants are welcome to bring a packed lunch or SouthPoint is within easy walking distance. Tea and Coffee will be provided.

About John Pratt

John Pratt is a graphic artist working across a range of media including printmaking, collage, drawing, Artist books and projections in Public Space. Through a series of exhibitions he has been exploring the impact of human presence within a range of natural landscapes and constructed environments. These landscapes or sites have ranged from National Parks in the ACT to southern coastal zones through suburbia to the streetscapes of the CBD. In each case, his focus has explored the interchange of our existence and the physical space that surrounds us – our impact on the environment and in turn, how we are determined by it.

He has also worked as a senior lecturer in the Printmedia and Drawing Department at the ANU School of Art, exhibited regularly including 15 solo exhibitions, and participated in an extensive range of group exhibitions.

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