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The Women’s Room 2

Due to popular demand, The Canberra Comedy Festival is coming back to TAC on Friday 5 May 2023 with an encore double bill night of great comedy!


8:30 – 9:30pm, Friday 5 May, 2023.


Book tickets here for The Women’s Room 2 8:30 – 9:30 pm  

The Women’s Room 2… just add estrogen – Encore!

One year after sold out shows at the 2022 Canberra Comedy Festival, (and selling out both shows at the 2023 Festival).  The Women’s Room 2 is back because they have more to say. From swagging and swearing to swigging champagne, the famous four are back. Trish Hurley, former nurse, is now a self-diagnosed hypochondriac. Jacqui Richards still a grieving widow and now an empty nester who is just not getting enough attention. Midwife Sarah Stewart has been bending, pulling and digging this time in the garden not the birthing room. Tanya Losanno has been busy caring for her parents and her children and marrying people in her spare time. She is still researching whether the Tim Tam or the Mint Slice is the better biscuit. This year’s show is being MC’d by Sue Stanic. Sue has been performing comedy since 2018, and is undoubtedly one of the funniest middle-aged women in Belconnen (that we know of). Sue enjoys short walks along the beach, cynicism, and avoiding personal growth.

Book now for two back-to-back shows: Unedjamacated  7:00 – 8:00 pm and The Women’s Room 2 at 8:30pm.

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