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The next Woden Arts Market will be held at Woden Town Square on Wednesday 7 December, 2022, from 5-8pm.


The Woden Arts Program will once again showcase the creative work of Woden-based artists at the Christmas Carols and Art on The Square celebration.

This is your chance to buy directly from artists and support our wonderful creative community.

This free event for families, includes a free sausage sizzle, hamper give-a-ways, bands, choirs, tree decoration activities, and a visit from Santa.


Woden Valley Youth Choir

Australian Rugby Choir

Pretty in Punk

Potential Artists:

Shen-Ju Hsieh

Shen-Ju Hsieh, 3D printed ceramics, 2021
Shen-Ju Hsieh, hand made ceramics, 2021

Shen-Ju will be selling a selection of ceramic mugs, cups, bowls, and dessert plates; as well as her fabulous collection of 3D printed vases at the Woden Arts Market on Sunday 29th of August. Shen-Ju is a Canberra-based Taiwanese ceramic artist who combines functional objects and sculptural forms to create playful and practical objects. Shen-Ju completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in craft and design, majoring in ceramics at the National Taiwan University of Art. She is currently completing the Master of Contemporary Practices in Art and Design in ceramics at the Australian National University. Shen-Ju has concentrated on exploring wheel throwing and hand extruding techniques in ceramics, she utilizes the clay’s materiality to express emotions, creating functional sculpture as a metaphor for the relationship between humans and the environment.

Kate Stevens

Artwork: Kate Stevens, Pink-and-Black-Bowl, 2021. Image supplied by the artist.
Artwork: Kate Stevens, Blue Vase, 2021. Image supplied by the artist.

Kate is a ceramicist creating small-batch homewares out of her studio at ANCA Mitchell. She enjoys making beautiful yet functional work and the mindful and patient process that comes from working with clay. Kate will be selling cups and vases mostly, from $20 up to $80.

Cath Sutton

Cath Sutton, painting, 2021
Cath Sutton, paper weights, 2021

Cath is a local artist specialising in fluid art – specifically acrylic pouring and alcohol ink on canvasses or tiles. Cath experiments with a range of techniques when pouring paint onto the canvas, often tilting the canvas to spread the colour across the surface.  Other techniques include the use of a dryer, straws and rolling marbles to create dynamic outcomes. Cath will be selling painted cards, pendants, paper weights, and paintings. Prices ranging from $5.00- $50.00

Graham Gall

Photograph of Graham Gall at the Arts Market in May.

Graham is a published and awarded photographer who shoots wildlife, especially birds. He also does personal portraits, actors headshots, lifestyle, business and architectural images.  He is passionate about travel and shoots images wherever he happens to be in the world and many of these end up on his Instagram and Facebook feeds where he has a large following under @gallpix. In 2021 Graham was exclusively commissioned to shoot ’Significant Trees of Canberra’ for the April/May ACT Tree Week exhibition at the National Arboretum. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP). Meet Graham at the Market stall at the Southside Farmers Market where he will be selling a range of printed bookmarks, cards and a selection of matted and framed prints at reduced prices as an intro ‘Market Special’. Prices range from $2 to $100.

Alison Leonard

Alison Leonard, hand woven bag. Photo by artist.
Alison Leonard, hand woven scarf. Photo by artist.

Alison is a handweaver who works with natural fibres including wool, silk, cashmere and cotton. She likes to create things that are beautiful to look at and practical to use or wear. Everything Alison makes is unique – some items are similar but no two are exactly the same. Her work has been recognised with first prizes, trophies and championships at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Royal Melbourne Show and the Royal Canberra Show.

Alison will be selling handwoven cashmere scarves, cotton bags of different sizes, and some smaller items like trinket bags and bookmarks. At the markets, Alison will have a range of work for sale, including $5 bookmarks, $10 trinket bags, cashmere scarves for $120 and bags between $90 and $150.

Prints by Sheen Woei Goh (detail).

Sheen Woei Goh

Sheen creates dynamic and vivid works of animals, landscapes and architecture. Sheen draws using black pigment liners and permanent markers on paper. Sheen also produces whimsical and stylised paintings on canvas in bright joyful colours. Sheen will be selling bookmarks and A5 and A6 prints from her original pieces. These are at enticing, market prices -below $10 a pop. 

Daniel Leone

Daniel Leone, finished bonsai. Photo supplied by the artist

When one sees my work it’s obvious the importance of the natural world, more specifically, the botanical influence has on my practice. Nature is the true artist and I seek to work alongside and from it. This often results in very minimal linear designs that contrast and show off found materials and plants. Contrasting the wild, raw and organic nature of this material against the human touch. I break art down to its essence seeking that innately human feel. I see my work from an archeological or even alien perspective. My work varies greatly from the functional and practical jewellery, crockery and furniture to the other end of the spectrum of conceptual, abstract, sculptural, bonsai, ikebana, strange and random objects. I maintain a constant sense of play and experimenting always leaving room for change and inspiration.

About myself

I grew up in a gallery that was attached to our family home where we had kilns and facilities to create. Growing up in this amazing position, I witnessed many changing exhibitions from some amazing local and interstate artist. Both my parents are the creative and arty types. My father is a musician, my mother is a ceramicist. Both parents where always very encouraging and supportive and I couldn’t do what I do without them. In 2019 I underwent an intensive learning program in fine furniture (Sturt School for Wood) in Mittagong. As a result of this course, I now spend a fair bit of my practice dedicated to bonsai and ikebana, working alongside natural material where I now not only collect raw material, but shape, style and present in my ceramic creations displayed on my hand made furniture and timber.

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