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Participants of the Messengers Program

Messengers is an evidence-based program that is informed by the base of global research in the ‘Arts for Wellbeing’ field. Scientific findings suggest that regular participation in the arts has a number of positive personal impacts including improved social and psychological wellbeing as well as improved self-esteem, self-understanding, motivation, optimism and resilience. Research into non-clinical group art programs have found sustainable impacts for young people in later life.  

The program takes a person-centered and strengths-based approach when working with young people in order to reach their potential. The program works to build empowerment and resilience in young people to equip them to lead fulfilling lives. Messengers values belonging, creativity and diversity and believes that the structure of the program provides a powerful therapeutic experience for isolated young people. Participants learn social skills, new ways of expressing themselves and create life-long bonds with peers. Our passionate staff work hard to ensure that young people feel safe, valued and accepted . 

Participants of the program have said:  

I love coming to Messengers because I feel supported, safe and loved here.

I wasn’t able to socialise much until I came to Messengers

Messengers has helped me cope with my anxiety. The program makes me happy and it is something I look forward to.

Messengers has helped me feel like I belong and feel less anxious and sad.

Parents & carers of participants have said:  

My granddaughter attended the Messengers Program and it helped her immensely. Staff were so compassionate and helped my family greatly.

Thank you for all you do for the children, it’s a really great program you run and I am sure many parents like myself appreciate it very much. Messengers has been so good for her.

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time and care to consider what would work best for [my daughter]. She’s had a really rough time, so gestures like this really mean so much.       

This program is doing her so much good. I feel so much gratitude for her being able to share on this space and for everything you do for the kids.