Alexa Malizon, Ningning from Diversitea Talks (still), 2020, digital video colour and sound,1.51min 


Exhibition opening 3pm, Saturday 18 September, 2021.


Tuggeranong Arts Centre is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by recent ANU SoAD graduate, and ANU EASS Exhibition Award recipient, Alexa Malizon. 

Alexa Malizon’s art practice engages with her personal history and experiences to map the ‘difference’ or ‘otherness’ using a range of photographic processes that helps to explore her own identity through the studio making process.  

Born in Australia to Filipino immigrants, Malizon’s identity been conflicted from the upbringings that she has to conform from two different worlds. To an Australian audience, she identifies myself as an ethnic ‘other’ where her body is starkly different from the white figures depicted and dominated on television shows like Love Island. Yet, to a Filipino audience, she mumbles through mispronounced Tagalog and stumbles through the motions of viral dance moves. It made her question where she belongs, what her morals and values are, and her authenticity of being Filipino or Australian – or even both. She also questions how and why Asians, particularly Filipinos, are underrepresented or have negative connotations due to stereotypes in Australian mainstream media. 

In doing so, Malizon explores this intersectionality between both cultures by focusing on larger conflicts that speaks from broader perspectives to challenge the stereotypes that are portrayed in mainstream media, revealing the ideas and expectations of being an ‘Australian’ or a ‘Filipino’. It was important for her practice to convey a message that will bring attention to the audience through the exaggeration of the stereotypes that society has placed upon the minority. This also brings the possibilities of expressing these universal themes that can be relatable to a collective audience.  

In her recent work, Diversitea Talks – a series of video propositions that explore the intersections between lived cultural experience and popular Australian and Filipino cultures, she used humour and the language of the social media video post as visual strategies to survey nuances in identity, miscommunication, cultural shame and the representation of the sexualised ethnographic body. Her other works include Wear My Skin, where she took photographs of images of her inflamed skin with eczema and digitally printed on soft, floaty garments to seek to bring into view and normalise skin imperfections that are socially stigmatised.  

For Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Malizon will present new works, along with some previously exhibited works. 

Exhibition continues until 13 November 2021.

About the Artist:

Alexa Malizon is an artist and photographer based in Canberra. Her practice encompasses a range of photographic media and focuses on using personal experiences to re-connect with her cultural roots and engage questions of identity and cultural difference. 

Malizon completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) at the Australian National University School of Art and Design in 2020. She exhibited her work in the ANU School of Art and Design Graduating Exhibition in 2019 and 2020, and VIEW2020 in PhotoAccess in the beginning of 2020. In 2020, she was the recipient of the ANU School of Art & Design Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS): Tuggeranong Arts Centre Exhibition Award culminating in her first solo institutional exhibition in 2021.