Image: Phillip, Launceston St Bridge Underpass, Legal Site 3. Photo:  Thomas Edmondson


History research and photography from January to March 2021, will be followed by a suite of exhibitions and events later in 2021.


Canberra has some iconic graffiti sites and legal practice walls, such as the Woden Drains. Graffiti has been part of the landscape and community since the 1980s. 

The Graffiti Project is recognising the significance of graffiti and street art in Canberra by: Recording current graffiti and street art, documenting its history, producing events, exhibitions and activities to showcase current talent and present this history and building relationships to support future activity related to graffiti and street art.

The project will include interviews with graffiti writers from the 1980s to now, and we are also keen to locate images of graffiti from the past.

Your Graffiti Stories:

Do you have stories about writing graffiti in Woden? At the Woden drains, the Woden squash courts, other legal or illegal sites?  Do you have photos of graffiti in the area from the 80’s/90’s/00’s or later? If so, we would love to hear from you.

You can submit anonymously. But if you would be happy for our project team to contact you to learn more about your story, please include your name and contact details.

Write your story, or upload a sound recording/voice memo and video or photos here. Your story might be published on the Woden Graffiti Project website. All stories will be reviewed before any publication.

Project Team:

The team working on the project is:

  • Graffiti project coordinator:  Jacqui Malins
  • History research: Caren Florance
  • Photographer: Thomas Edmonson


If you have questions, or a story to tell, contact project coordinator Jacqui Malins on


The Graffiti Project is being funded by Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) and delivered by the Woden Arts Program, which is managed by Tuggeranong Arts Centre and funded by the ACT Government. Woden Community Service Youth Engagement Team is a project partner.