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Dark Euphoria Community Arts Project

In conjunction with their online exhibition, Dark Euphoria artists S.A Adair and Meredith Hughes asked for contributions from the community for a community exhibition.

Showing in Gallery 2, from 6 – 20 November, the Dark Euphoria Community Exhibition presents a collection of over 25 submissions from participants sharing their experiences of the 2020 megafires with words and drawings, written upon paper silhouettes that mirror objects from our installation.

Alongside this, is the video work created by the Tuggeranong Arts Centre to document Dark Euphoria (which was unable to be viewed in person due to lockdown and subsequently created as a digital presentation).

The public is invited to document their experiences and add to the exhibition.


Dark Euphoria, by S.A. Adair and Meredith Hughes is an installation of poetic, domestic objects cast from ground charcoal; remnants of the 2019-20 mega-fires. The artists sought to bring into play the trauma of the fires with rich aesthetic traditions; vessels as stilled life, evocative materiality and Buddhism’s endless Sunyata. Void-like, against a shimmering, endless surface, the objects invite contemplation and solace.


Gallery 2

Tuggeranong Arts Centre
137 Reed Street, Greenway ACT