Floriography – the Language of Flowers
Artwork: Courtesy of Carol Cooke


10.0am – 12.00pm on Tuesdays from 6 October – 8 December 2020




This free ten-week art workshop for seniors will explore floriography – the language of flowers. With contemporary textile artist Carol Cooke, you will learn embroidery skills and techniques, and use them to complete a work with floral tributes – and secret messages!

The Victorian Era ushered in a time of proper etiquette among the upper class in England during Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901). Among the many rules and customs, outright flirtations, questions, or conversations were often prohibited.

Flowers were used to convey messages instead. They were often visibly positive messages of interest, affection and love, but flowers could also carry a negative message. The same flower could have different meanings, depending on how it was arranged or delivered.

This class is suitable for beginners, or people with stitching and embroidery skills. Instead of using purchased patterns, you will design your piece, with layers of images, words and meaning. You can create something as abundant and over the top as you like, or you can produce a simple piece well within basic stitching skills you can learn from scratch during the program.

Morning tea and materials will be provided.

Priority will be given to participants who live in the Woden and Tuggeranong regions. Any remaining places will be allocated to participants outside those areas.

Assistance with the costs of travel will be available for some participants in the Woden and Tuggeranong areas. If you do not have your own transport and need assistance with taxis to attend this class, please advise Jacqui, the Woden Arts Officer, when you register.

Numbers are limited and bookings essential.

To register for the workshops, please email Jacqui at Woden.Arts@tuggeranongarts.com


The Hunting Lodge

Tuggeranong Arts Centre
137 Reed Street, Greenway ACT