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Image: House Planet: A Discovery of Recovery – the Musical, 2021. Photo: Martin Ollman

An original musical created by Mr Tim Enterprises

Tuggeranong Arts Centre Theatre

Friday, 10th December at 7pm

Saturday 11th December at 2pm.


Tickets are $15

Set in the House Planet, the “Labratorians” are experimenting with an emotions machine, when an unexpected explosion finds them transported into Plant World where they become embroiled in a coup d’etat, against the evil and irritating ruler “Carwoot Orang,” who is terrorizing everyone who lives there. Meanwhile chaos has also reined in the various lands of: Fridgelandia, Scrubtopia and Loungeroomia, where citizens are faced with a series of problems caused by a supposed “big bang”.

From displacement, lost loves, and the great plug unable to be pulled as the water rises, the people from all lands simultaneously rise to the challenge of recovery, as they face some big questions: how can we recover? what do these reactions to the situations say about us as people? and do we ever really recover anyway?

House Planet: A Discovery of Recovery – the Musical, is an original musical devised by program participants (aged 7-13 years) together with Tim & Nathalie Bevitt from Mr. Tim Enterprises. Creative support by artists Daniel Streatfield, Chelsea Heaney, Hanna Hoyne and Ed Radclyffe, provided participants with further skill development in costume design, drama, and set & props design. Over three holiday intensives and on-going weekly sessions, the program introduced 20 local children to the many aspects of musical theatre making, empowering them to embrace their creativity and imagination.

Each participant plays multiple characters in the production, sharing with you a story conveying their shared feelings of tyranny, loss of hope and displacement. But according to Creative Directors, Tim and Nathalie Bevitt, audiences will marvel at the children’s imaginations and the endless possibilities they came up with as they rise to their own real-life challenge and discovery of recovery!

The production features 12 original songs written by the cast, with music composition and arrangements by Tim and Nathalie Bevitt, drums by Michael Knight and violin by Tim Wickham. The characters, adorned with elaborate costumes are set in dramatic scenes featuring with large-scale cardboard props.

This project provided an artistic platform for young people to express their concerns and find solutions, speaking directly to the Directors’ strong belief that young people have important things to say and their passion for giving children a voice.

Runs: 90mins