Photo supplied by the artist


Drop in and have fun creating a text-based community installation, with fabric and natural plant dyes.


Saturday 7th August, 2021 – Drop in anytime between 1pm – 4pm                    


Tuggeranong Arts Centre


Free. No bookings required


In this workshop, participants will join artist Rebecca Mayo to create a ‘text-based’ dyed work, using local plants to create the dyebath. Participants can choose pre-printed cloth squares to add to the dye-pot.  Choosing how long the squares stay in the dye-pot will determine the intensity and colour of the dye. Over time a letter will appear on each square, which can then be pegged to a temporary rope line. As the letters emerge from the dye-pot participants are invited to rearrange the letters to create words and phrases, eventually settling on one complete line of text.

Rebecca Mayo is an Australian artist. She is a Lecturer in the Printmedia and Drawing Workshop at the School of Art & Design, Australian National University. Trained in printmaking, she is interested in how characteristics of print, such as repetition, reproduction and copying, might articulate and connect to the politics of thinking, being and moving through the world. She principally examines relations and interactions between human and more-than-human life, often in urban and peri-urban sites. She uses site and species-specific plant dye in her practice, thereby offering audiences a physical and material connection to these plants or places. In 2019 she was the winner of the inaugural Castlemaine Art Museum Print Prize.


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