Photo: Fosseys a popular store in Woden Plaza from the Canberra Times archive


Commencing in March, 2021


Valley Inhabitants is a multi-disciplinary arts project documenting untold stories from residents and iconic businesses in the Woden Valley. 

The project celebrates Woden’s rich history by exploring stories about relationships, place making and what defines a community and it’s culture.

Did you know?

Construction of the Woden Valley began in 1962? It was the first region to be built separately from the Town Centre (Civic), with its own shopping centre, business district, hospital and 12 suburbs. 

Today Woden has close to 35,000 residents and more than 10,000 are set to live there in the next year. There are established homes and gardens in most areas and large towering apartments being built in the town centre. 

The Project:

The Woden Arts Program is collaborating with renowned podcaster Jen Seydenhelm and photographer Martin Ollman to create a suite of short documentaries showcasing the evolving nature of the Woden Valley.

Focusing on people, Valley Inhabitants will weave together old and new content and the voice of local residents to reveal accessible quirky tales exploring how quickly people and place change – yet, at the same time contribute to the formation of a local community and culture.  

Want to Participate?

Please contact the Woden Arts Officer, Blaide Lallemand on (02) 6293 1443 or via email: to talk about your ideas and stories.